Interweaving historic and contemporary creativity to celebrate the arts in all its forms, AlUla is unlocking the transformative power of the arts to provide cultural enrichment to all who encounter it.

This portal gives a small sample of the destinations, present programmes sharing the art of our time, and shaping the future.

Art in the Landscape

Uniquely born of place, AlUla is a desert and oasis landscape like no other on earth.

The intricate interaction between art, nature and heritage over millennia roots AlUla’s cultural offer and provides a well of inspiration to artists today who are adding new layers to this legacy.



AlUla is a nexus of artistic exploration, expression and experience. A dynamic exhibition programme aims to present the perspectives that continue to shape art history and inspire dialogue.


Craft & Design

From the exquisite sculptures and decorative facades carved by ancient artists, to the cherished array of distinctive traditional crafts…

AlUla journals the rich and complex story of human creativity within a landscape of spectacular scale and variety. AlUla’s aesthetics continues to be a source of inspiration for artisans and designers, across cultures and disciplines.

Artist Residency Programme

AlUla has long harboured artists, with their experience and reflections infused in the landscape and chronicled across history.

Today, a rolling programme of artist residencies welcomes practitioners across disciplines and cultures to be immersed in AlUla’s landscape, narratives and spirit to inspire distinctive and compelling works.