Recognising exceptional design inspired by the heritage, landscapes, and artistic legacies of AlUla.

Celebrating Creativity

AlUla Design Award invites both established and emerging designers alike to be a part of AlUla’s ongoing legacy of art, design, culture, and creativity

AlUla Design Award AlAjilah Edition

Honouring Saudi Arabia’s illustrious cameleer legacy

This year’s special edition of AlUla Design Award celebrates the convergence of local heritage and innovative, design-forward thinking. In honour of Saudi Arabia’s Year of the Camel, designers, artists, and creatives are invited to reimagine traditional camel covers through contemporary designs, materials, and inspirations.

AlAjilah Camel Cover Open Call

For this special edition of AlUla Design Award, we are proud to present a new award category: the
exclusive AlAjilah Camel Cover Open Call. This competition invites esteemed designers to engage in a
creative exploration of the intricate relationship between art, design, and heritage—through a
reimagining of the traditional camel covers, which hold special significance in local culture throughout
Saudi Arabia.

Far beyond a typical design competition, by drawing inspiration from the ornate details of the traditional
embellishments applied to horses and camels, acknowledging the historical importance of these
traditions, designers are encouraged to create innovative and captivating designs.

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