The AlUla Design Award recognises exceptional design inspired by the heritage, landscapes, and artistic legacies of AlUla.

The AlUla Design Award is back for a second edition as an Open Call that invites established and emerging designers to conceptualise and propose exceptional items for Cultural Retail.
Submissions were evaluated by a Jury of recognised leaders from the world of design. 

Shortlisted design proposals will be commissioned, supported in their production and promoted within AlUla and its network of influential and high profile online and international activities.

Paris Design Week

The AlUla Design Award by Arts AlUla is officially an Associate Partner in the upcoming Paris Design Week presented by Maison & Objet! The 10 finalists will have the opportunity to showcase their designs in an exhibition in September of this year as part of the Paris Design Week, and the 5 winners will be announced then and there.


Shaddah Studio

The "Tawa," or "reflecting chair," draws inspiration from the captivating AlUla landmarks, where horizons meet stars and skies. This unique creation, crafted for AlUla visitors seeking an immersive observing experience, doubles as a stunning rug. It is crafted using authentic materials, like jute for the rug, supported by water-resistant backing. The chair's sturdy black powder-coated steel frame, sophisticated armrests, and durable cotton rope elevate the experience of serene surroundings, redefining appreciation for nature.

Shaddah Studio
Founded in 2015 by Watfa Hamidaddin and Deem Alhagbani, Shaddah Studio is a multidisciplinary firm that prioritises aesthetics, culture, and design to foster company growth and connect with people. Embracing a design-led approach with a local touch, they aim to enrich Saudi Arabia by challenging norms, crafting enduring brands, and empowering clients with innovative ideas across various platforms.

Gunjan Gupta

Naba Tea Tiffin
The Naba Tea Tiffin is a captivating collection of four objects [RMH1] with pure copper lids coated in terracotta powder, paying homage to the ancient city of Hegra. Inspired by Hegra's significance as a Hajj route station, the set elegantly combines India's Lota container and Nabataean pottery's beak spout. The set comes with two sizes of tea and milk jugs, complemented by delightful sugar and cookie bowls that elevate your tea experience with an AlUla inspired rendition.

Gunjan Gupta
Gunjan Gupta, India's leading product designer, has earned international acclaim for her distinctive creations showcased at esteemed design fairs such as Design Miami, Art Basel, Fuorisalone, and Design Days Dubai. Blurring art and design boundaries, she exhibited at Milan's Triennale Design Museum and the Kochi Art and Venice Architecture Biennales in 2016. MAD Paris, Museum of Decorative Arts, M+ Museum, and Vitra Design Museum in Germany have institutionally collected her works. An ardent promoter of Indian crafts globally, she curated "Time-less" in Lisbon and "Vernacular Wonderland" at the Grand Palais in Paris. Gupta's work embodies contemporary handmade objects with a playful blend of Indian forms and rituals, garnering universal appeal.


AlUla Terrains: Dates Serving Set
Inspired by Harrat Khaybar's fertile soil and renowned palm tree fields, the Dates Serving Set is a stackable volcano-shaped set for serving dates, preserving Saudi hospitality traditions. The bottom container stores dates, while the upper part serves dips typically accompanied by dates. The top cover acts as a small plate for discarding seeds. The set is made from Basaltic stone and/or White stone.
Founded in 2019, Teeb is a Saudi-born, multidisciplinary design and production company. They craft lifestyle products with a design code that combines relevance, purpose and longevity. Their designs are inspired by Arab and Islamic culture and stories, delivering a harmonic combination of heritage and crafts with a distinctively modern and minimal twist. They are one of the winners of the AlUla Design Award | First Edition and are awardees of the Designed in Saudi Stamp by The Ministry of Culture.

Sarra Hafaeidh

Heritage Incense Collection
The "Heritage Incense Collection" blends modern production techniques with ancient handwork, using dark wood grains to pay homage to past generations. With clean lines inspired by Hegra's rocks and engraved symbols, the incense holders emanate a tranquil aura. The "Incense Heritage Collection'' complements this with an organic and soothing design.
Sarra Hafaiedh
Sarra Hafaiedh is a Tunisian interior designer and the founder of the design brand Maya Luxury. She is skilled in design management, concept development, and art. She enjoys experimenting with new spatial concepts inspired by art, architecture, and her travels.

Thaqeb Studio

"Ohjea" is a product that aims to create an enjoyable experience in which visitors of AlUla tell about their unique visit while assembling the puzzle elements and giving the opportunity for families and individuals  to visualise AlUla, as each set of pieces includes picturesque scenes that revive an unforgettable experience.
Thaqeb Studio
Thaqeb Studio is a Saudi-based Industrial Design Studio founded by leading female industrial designers, Raghad Sendi, Aseel Hussaini, Fatemah Alghamdi, Farrah Aldossary, and Sarah Alghamdi in 2020. Thaqeb aims to evoke the local industrial design culture to pave the way for a revolutionary retake in the creation of products in the market of Saudi Arabia by merging Saudi’s rich heritage and local essence with industrial design strategies and technologies.

Imane Mellah

Oil Lantern
The oil lantern was designed in response to the original byzantine oil lamp found in Hegra. The shape of the object was kept and upgraded for contemporary use. The mesh is now placed in the centre emphasising the handle. The lantern is made out of ceramic.
Imane Mellah
Imane Mellah, a French Moroccan architect and designer in Paris, studied at the NS School of Architecture in Lyon and the Architectural Association School in London. She founded her studio in 2022, and she combines architecture, design, and research. Exploring cultural identity and construction integration, her projects span from object design to architecture. Mellah's portfolio includes collaborations with award-winning practices, focusing on residential and cultural projects in Paris and London.

Rashed AlAraifi, Ahmed AlMannai, Hamad AlMannai, Abdulla Binhindi

Book Lithic
The book page holder, inspired by AlUla's lithics, is a functional handmade art piece honouring the region's cultural heritage. Carved from polished sandstone, it echoes the ancient stone tools found in AlUla. Its elegant design and comfortable grip make it perfect for one-handed reading, while the red sandstone's unique patterns and textures evoke the rugged beauty of AlUla's landscape. Each holder is one-of-a-kind, showcasing natural grain variations.

Rashed AlAraifi
Rashed AlAraifi is a partner at Shepherd Studio. He is an architect, designer, and artist. He believes in the power of visual narrative and tries to use his art as a catalyst to straddle between the lines of painting, drawing, and object design. AlAraifi has won various awards and has participated in numerous exhibitions both locally and at an international level.
Ahmed AlMannai
Ahmed AlMannai is a partner at Shepherd Studio, and a practising architect and designer with an impressive portfolio encompassing product design, spatial design, and architecture. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Interior and Spatial Design from the University of the Arts London and a Master of Architecture from The University for the Creative Arts, he showcases a deep understanding of design strategy and theory. His work has garnered international recognition and awards, solidifying his accomplishments.
Abdulla Binhindi
Abdulla BinHindi, a Bahraini architect, artist, designer, and toy maker, is the founder of bespoke designer toy brand Toyio and a partner at Shepherd Studio. His 3D conceptual art showcases a distinctive style blending science fiction and surrealism. Bridging narratives and designs, his work reflects his unique perspectives and subjects, garnering recognition from reputable platforms and news outlets like Dezeen, Designboom, and Hypebeast.
Hamad AlMannai:
Hamad AlMannai, a Bahraini designer and physicist, studied radiation physics and philosophy at Australia's Wollongong University. His physics work involves accelerating quantum particles and photons for research and medical purposes. Drawing from his science background and passion for architecture and urban design, AlMannai's design direction centers on objects, product design, and interior design.

Abdulla Binhindi

Arabian Leopard Sculpture Set
This set of 3 minimalist sculptures captures the endangered Arabian leopard's beauty and grace. Designed in different sizes, they symbolise the unity of family and the need to preserve nature for future generations. Representing the father, mother, and cub, these high-quality sculptures make a meaningful addition to any space, reminding children and adults of the significance of protecting the environment and its creatures.
Abdulla Binhindi
Abdulla BinHindi, a Bahraini architect, artist, designer, and toy maker, is the founder of bespoke designer toy brand Toyio and a partner at Shepherd Studio. His 3D conceptual art showcases a distinctive style blending science fiction and surrealism. Bridging narratives and designs, his work reflects his unique perspectives and subjects, garnering recognition from reputable platforms and news outlets like Dezeen, Designboom, and Hypebeast.

Sara Kanoo

Steps Clasp
This piece of jewellery is envisioned as a contemporary take on the culture of decoration, gold embroidery, and embellishment in the Kingdom, taking inspiration from the surrounding Salmani Architecture of the region and the historical ancient city of Hegra in AlUla. The steps clasp is a multifunctional distinctive unisex jewellery piece, designed as a clasp to pin on clothing, as well as a pendant to attach to a necklace chain.
Sara Kanoo
Sara Kanoo, a Bahrain-based designer and creative, grew up immersed in art and design through her family's art space. With her studio, she embraces 'slow design' principles and enriches traditional handicrafts with modern elements. Kanoo is passionate about social, cultural, and environmental sustainability, which serves as a significant ethos in her work. Born in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, Sara studied architectural design in Boston, and her diverse experience in various design fields reinforces her belief that design is universal, regardless of scale.

Tajalla Studio

Sand Garden
AlUla-inspired table-size Sand Garden is a product that captures the essence of the serene sand of AlUla, allowing people to experience the calm and tranquillity of this beautiful destination wherever they are. People can use the included miniature rake to create unique patterns in the sand or the lion tombs miniatures. Promoting mindfulness and relaxation as they focus on the present moment. An experience that transports people to one of the most stunning destinations in the world.
Tajalla Studio
Tajalla Studio is a multidisciplinary creative agency based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Founded in 2016 by Badr Alrumayan, they are dedicated to delivering creative solutions, product design, and manufacturing services. At Tajalla, inspiration from culture fuels their passion for innovation. With a keen eye for detail, they take pride in their unique approach to product design, ensuring that each creation becomes a captivating storyteller of its own.

AlUla Design Award 2023 Winners

A New Legacy of Design, Inspired by AlUla