AlUla is a nexus of artistic exploration, expression and experience. A dynamic exhibition programme that aims to present the perspectives that continue to shape art history and inspire dialogue.

From 9 February to 31 March 2022, Cortona On The Move AlUla brought narrative photography to the walls, courtyards and interiors of AlJadidah, a village flourishing into AlUla’s Arts District.

This was a collaboration between Cortona On The Move - an international photography festival in Italy - and AlUla, presenting works by leading local, regional and international photographers.

The exhibition was titled ‘Past Forward. Time Life and Longing’ and was co-curated by Arianna Rinaldo (curator and artistic director of Cortona On The Move from 2012 to 2021) and Saudi-based visual artist and curator, Kholood AlBakr.

The concept at the heart of the exhibition is the idea of time. Both AlUla and Cortona live and breathe the cultural legacy of their history, one in the stunning deserts of northwest Saudi Arabia and one in the historic heart of Italy.

Site-specific exhibitions were accompanied by an engagement programme including guided tours, talks, screening and training opportunities for budding photographers.