Meet the people of AlUla, the latest civilisation to live, farm and thrive on this land. For millennia, settlers have taken advantage of the area’s abundant resources, travellers on trading routes have found respite in the oases and tombs, forts and decoration have been sculpted into the rocks. AlUla still flourishes to this day thanks to a community who protect the area’s heritage and recall its extraordinary stories.

Listen to the human stories of AlUla, told through the words of its people

You can visualise the atmosphere of AlUla, you can coexist with the past, I encourage that we narrate the story of AlUla to tourists as I see it

Memories from the Past

Motairah Alagel

“Back in those days, there was no money so everything was exchanged for soap and dates”

Life in the Old Town


The most beautiful times of my life were spent in the Old Town

Living Among Heritage Sites

Ali Alenezi

We knew that the monuments were built by people more powerful and mighty than us

Farming in AlUla


Palms, citrus fruits and mangoes all grow together here and give me an excellent harvest

Nomad Life in AlUla

Sulaiman Albalawi

The people of AlUla are the most honest and sincere to converging tribes here

Hands of AlUla

Capturing the life and memory of the people of AlUla - the diary of documentary film maker Mitoshka Alkova.