International Arabian Leopard Day 2024

On February 10, we observe International Arabian Leopard Day, to commemorate and celebrate the legacy of this majestic creature. Read more about the Arabian leopard’s inspiring journey of survival.

Located amongst majestic cliffs, AlUla is within one of the main oases that connects southern and eastern Arabia with northern Arabia, the Mediterranean, and beyond. It has incredible geophysical features of sandstone, granite, and basalt as well as beautiful sand dunes and valleys. It consists of an extensive amount of groundwater and fertile soil, and it is surrounded by rugged mountains and desert plains. Additionally, the oasis agricultural ecosystem in AlUla has sustained life for decades, producing date palms, fruit, and vegetables until today. With its vast natural environment, AlUla is also home to a diverse wildlife, including red-necked ostriches, gazelles, rock hyraxes, and a variety of birds.

Flora AlUla’s more than 60 native plant species teach us that the desert does bloom. The Sharaan Nature Reserve is home to more than 30,000 of these native plants

Fauna As the earth and flora are regenerated, animals are once again calling AlUla home. Earlier this year 162 animals, including Arabian oryx, sand gazelles, idmi gazelles and ibex, were reintroduced. And more species are returning on their own. Across AlUla’s five nature reserves, animals will roam and flourish, using wildlife corridors to move between protected areas in AlUla and beyond.

Celestial A bright and ever changing celestial landscape covers AlUla’s night skies. The inspiration for civilization after civilization as they looked to the heavens for answers