Gold Falls

Clottey is an artist living and working in Accra, Ghana. Working across the disciplines of painting, sculpture, installation, performance, and photography, Clottey explores personal and political narratives rooted in histories of trade and migration. Clottey is an artist interested in the potency and potential of everyday interactions and objects. 

Clottey unites his vibrant multidisciplinary practice with a single motif: the yellow Kufuor gallon container, a common fixture in his hometown of Accra, Ghana. Across sculpture, photography, installation, and performance, Clottey has melted, drilled, stitched, and repurposed the plastic containers. He has paired them with other materials, such as jute sacks and discarded tyres, in his assemblages and collages, and he’s transformed them into props and set pieces in his performances. 

Clottey has exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, Accra, Berlin, Dakar, and elsewhere. His work is in collections including the Nubuke Foundation in Accra, Modern Forms in the United Kingdom, and the World Bank Art Program.